(Christmas Eve in Swansea):

I am travelling around the UK at the moment and I’m roughly recording my wanderings in doodle form. My phone scanner is doing its best x

sketchy travel comic


Then I got home, and all sorts of things have been happening, very busily; I am working on an actual version of a story about my travels and also some small poetry comics and more things about the Wolf Girls. Love story currently on hold.

For now, I drew this little story on a blank postcard and sent it to my grandparents back home, but I took a picture of it with my phone before I sent it (good thing, as the Turkish postal service lost it). It is about catching the train from Prague to Budapest, through Slovakia. train world


New Mini Comic


Wolf Girls

The above link is to a fairly bad quality PDF of a 5x15cm comic I made for my oldest friend’s 21st birthday. It is something real behind my other story. There are some references to things people who are not either her or me (or our sisters) are not really meant to understand, but I think that is as it should be.

Kudos to the Richter City Rebels, for one darn good night. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG9jTpfCK_c


My World/Dream Comic

12This is a little comic I made: My World – A Mini-Comic for Dylan Horrocks

The title “My World” is taken from one of Dylan’s comics which is called the same. I didn’t tell him that I liked it, but I thought that referencing it would be a nice way to. I also vaguely copied the writing style he used to make it obvious. The comic was written for a book which used different art forms to campaign against global injustices, and in its few pages Dylan described his ideal world. It is beautiful – a place of freedom and peace. Hearing him speak of the origins of his storytelling and his explorations through fantasy and belief, as well as his disgust in some of the hypercommercial aspects of the comics industry, was a little like a “dream” experience for me; something from my ideal world. In my ideal world, everyone would treat each other the way that Dylan treated my friend and me, as well as all of his readers.

When I asked Dylan about “place” in Hicksville, one of his loveliest comments was about how places in stories comprise the internal landscapes of the reader/writer. He also urged us to be “explorers” in the comics industry – valuing stories with creativity and integrity as open resources, rather than as sites of exploitation, as is often the case with superhero companies like DC and Marvel, along with others who police copyright protection as though a story is really something a person can own. “My World” is about that. The other half of this comic is a dream I had.